Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy scribes how and when DAS, Inc. collects, uses and shares your information when entering the Best Trader Competition. All information submitted via the sign up form accessible on is stored in a secure database and not shared with any third party. Your trade information is also stored in a secure database and not shared with any third party, however, your P/L is posted on the Best Trader website if you one of the top ranking contestants. Furthermore, your name and P/L will be posted on the Best Trader website and other promotional materials if you are one of the top 3 winners.


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To continue playing in the competition, you may subscribe for additional days using this special reduced rate of $25 per month for the Active Web interface you have been using during the competition. The regular price is $50 monthly from the website. Take advantage of this 50% reduce offer below.

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Please visit our Vendor's website if you wish to subscribe for other products such as DAS Trader PRO.

Refund Policy

DAS, Inc. will, in its sole and absolute discretion, allow for the refund of the most recent billing cycle if the selected product was not used by the client. Refunds are only issued for unused products, orders for the wrong product, or orders for unwanted products. If there is any record of logins, orders, or viewing of market data during the billing cycle, a refund will be considered on a case by case basis.